Bureaucracy preventing social housing cash being spent

Bureaucracy preventing social housing cash being spent has prevented the ‘majority’ of social housing money being spent, according to a report.

Despite almost 2,000 children currently being homeless in this state – the biggest housing scandal this country has ever seen – a large chunk of the €1.7 billion ring-fenced for social housing by the Government for 2015-2017, has not been spent.

The Irish Examiner reports that problems between the Department of the Environment and local councils mean that targets for spending on housing are being missed.

The paper also reported the local authorities do not have the capacity to use the money they are provided.

Yesterday, the Master of the High Court, said the Government must use its right to address the housing crisis, regardless of EU fiscal rules.

In an unusual step, the judge came forward and suggested compulsory purchase orders should now be used for the immediate seizure of vacant homes.

The Dail’s housing committee has just over a month to produce a report on how the Government should tackle the housing and homelessness issue.

Erica Fleming, who has been homeless for 316 days with her nine-year-old daughter, told UTV:  “In Dublin north bay in 2015 four families were housed.

“Former Minister Alan Kelly, when speaking to the housing committee, said that Dublin City Council is sitting on €292 million to be used by the end of 201 7 and he said the council weren’t trying to access the money.

“That is not true.  They (DCC) are trying to get the money. The money needs to be given to the local authorities so they can start building and renovating the voids (vacant properties.)”



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