Charity shop chic with a dash of Armani

By Katelyn Bernard

In these hardy times we have to think a lot more about what we’re spending our money on and charity shops present a very good option to bag some vintage style.

The best bargain the ladies in the Irish Cancer Society shop on Ellison Street, Castlebar, told me they’d seen a Armani shirt and still in good nick! Well, I thought to myself, I’d best get digging.


A cross section of women and men of all ages visit this shop and customers, I’m told usually visit “because they never know quite what they will get.”

And others like the idea of recycling style and bagging fashion on a shoe string.   And I find as I peruse the hangers, the average garment is only €5.

One lady shopper told me she was searching for an outfit for her grandson’s christening.  While another woman was on the hunt for a trusty blouse.

Does purple suit me?
Does purple suit me?

I thought I’d better get a move on before one of my new competitors beat me to it and found that hidden gem.

Within minutes I’d found a gorgeous and almost new purple blouse that could be worn casually with jeans or dressed up with smart trousers or a pencil skirt.

And next another bargain! A smart black and white check coat.  Okay, so this item is winter wear but I’m sorry I don’t trust the Irish summer.

Katelin bags
Bags of bargains in the charity shop

I’m happy and looking good with my charity shop experience so I’d recommend all ladies and lads get down to their local charity shop to see what’s available.

Charity shops rely on donations of unwanted clothes, ornaments, furniture, books and antiques, from the public.

So when you have free time, add to your wardrobe with some eclectic pieces to beautify your wardrobe. You’re getting value for money and contributing to a good cause.

Whether you’re buying a skirt, an entire wardrobe or a sackful of shoes, it’s a win, win situation. You can purchase and at the same time donate to worthy causes.





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