Christmas: How to have fun with people you can’t stand

Anna Aparicio, spiritual guru, on how to deal with festive irritants.

By Anna Aparicio

EYE rolls, sighs, bitten lips, thoughts of misdemeanor… do you dread having to spend Christmas with certain people?

Seasonal fake smiles, voodoo infused hugs, back-handed compliments, second hand gifts… it’s the dark side of Christmas.

If you’re lucky enough to like and love everyone around you, stop reading this and pour yourself a yucky eggnog full of love.

But if the thought of spending a minute around that certain person or people, makes you cringe, stay put.

Here are my top tips on how to stay out of jail and actually have some fun with the people you can’t stand this Christmas:

#1 Don’t take it personally:  Sometimes they’re just being themselves, sometimes they’re just being an asshole.

The key is to realise that what someone says or does often has little or nothing to do with you and everything to do with themselves and their own state of mind.

So, instead of internalising it, make a conscious decision to just let it go.

#2 Protect yourself:  By this I don’t mean go and get a head guard.  I mean protect your aura, your energy field.

Whenever you’re around this person or people, imagine you’re standing or sitting inside a bubble of your favourite colour and you’re protected by positive, peaceful vibes.

This will help raise your vibration and you’ll feel more in control of things and generally happier.

#3 Yes Darling them:  There is simply no point using “buts” with certain people, no matter how wrong you think they are.

It’ll only cause an argument no one will ever win, especially after a few mulled wines.

If you disagree with their opinion, say “yes, and…” then make your point anyway.

Psychologically speaking, the other person won’t feel as threatened – if at all – as if you had point blank disagreed with them.

The Grinch. Is this you or your 'loved one'?
The Grinch. Is this you or your ‘loved one’?

#4 Remember to breathe:  Becoming mindful of your breath is the quickest and most effective way to avoid getting ahead of yourself, saying or doing something you might regret, or losing your mind.

A few long, deep breaths will help you come back to the present moment and feel calmer.

#5 Focus on what you do like:  Unless this person is the devil personified, there’s bound to be things, attributes, characteristics, that are not so bad after all.

Whether it’s something they’re wearing, or a good deed they’ve done… you don’t have to like someone to notice the good things about them.  Look and you shall find.

#6 Hairy removal:  A smart person knows when to stay put and also when to remove themselves from a situation that might potentially turn sticky.

Are you happy in your company this Christmas?
Are you happy in your company this Christmas?

At Christmas we tend to spend long periods of time sitting or standing around a table.

The air can get a bit stale and things can get a little hairy after a space of time and a few wines.

Be sure to get out in the fresh air now and again. Take regular oxygen breaks. Keep yourself fresh.  This will reduce the chances of things getting hairy.

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