Dear bully thanks for making me stronger

Dear bully  I hope this letter finds you well.  Long time no speak. Apologies for not being in contact sooner but I’ve been rather unwell.

In fact this is what has motivated me to write to you. I wish to thank you for the valuable lessons I learnt by your side.

Although at all times it wasn’t clear I would make it to today but here I am now looking back with a proud smile and a sense of pride. Why, you might even ask? I thought you would never ask!

By any chance do you remember all those times you purposely humiliated me, well ya, so do I.  In fact I not only remember the words, I remember the pain of them leaving your pointed tongue and perforating my chest.

But I have to hand it to you, you were determined to continue despite realising the torture I endured. How about the times you chose to go behind my back before sticking a knife straight between my shoulder blades?

Sound familiar at all? Or how about as things got a little shakey and overheated you jumped ship leaving me to fight the flames alone, how about that does it ring a bell? Ding ding ding anything?

Would you believe the smell is still with me to this day! I do hope you enjoyed using that final life jacket as you leapt over board.

lying down

It’s important today though to me that I call a spade a spade and let you know you were an asshole. A selfish, selfish asshole.

I do apologise even though I am a sugar addict, I do not intend to sugar coat that message because let’s face it you didn’t exactly sugar coat yours either.

But in saying that, today I see things differently and so dear asshole I wish to say this.

I thank you because the ironic thing is even though you were determined to strip me of any piece of dignity or hope, I possessed, you did the opposite.

As you chiselled away at my being you created holes that left in new light, that showed you up for what you really are and helped me discover the real me, that built a foundation on the wreckage left behind.

The real me that can see the real cowardly you hiding behind that tough exterior. That tough exterior that clearly carries with it a story of it’s own and now I can see this.


Well, you’ll be glad to hear the wound from the knife has since healed and has been replaced by a durable cement that makes me stronger than ever before, that is fire retardant and fool proof.

I am delighted to have no regrets after I remained on deck fighting the flames until it nearly killed me.


What started as a foundation has now developed into a rather sturdy structure, one I intend to continue working on and investing in for some time to come.

Please take care of yourself dear asshole and remember people do forgive but they will never forget.

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