Donald Trump is to visit Ireland next month

Love him or hate him, he is coming with all the fanfare and Hollywood glitz that all Team Trump involves – but lets hope he doesn’t make any racist comments while here.

The Republican Party’s presidential nominee Donald Trump announced on Twitter last night that he would be visiting Ireland – and at exactly the same time as US Joe Biden is due to be here.

After @TrumpScotland, I will visit @TrumpDoonbeg in Ireland, the magnificent resort fronting on the Atlantic Ocean.

— Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) June 3, 2016

He is expected in Ireland on either 24 or 25 June.  And he will be in the UK for the Brexit referendum and will be in Ireland during the same period as Mr Biden who is expected to visit Dublin, Louth and Mayo between 21 and 26 June, according to RTE.

The announcement was made days after Enda Kenny said some of Trumps statements on women and immigrants were “racist and dangerous.”

RTE reported that Trump made his Irish visit announcement as scuffled broke out among his supporters and anti-Trump protesters at a Californian rally.

The billionaire will first visit his golf courses in Scotland before making the short flight to Ireland.  He will leave the US for Scotland on June 22, and then visit the Trump golf course and hotel in Doonbeg, Co Clare.

Donald Trump's Doonbeg golf course and hotel
Donald Trump’s Doonbeg golf course and hotel

The businessman described that luxury development as “the magnificent resort fronting on the Atlantic Ocean”.

“P.S. You are a loser,” Donald Trump wrote in a 2009 letter to Mike Tollin, a filmmaker

— The New York Times (@nytimes) June 3, 2016

The state broadcaster reported that the Mayor of Clare Independent Cllr James Breen said Trump has spent a great deal of money in Co Clare and has created employment.

Cllr Breen told RTE: “Anyone who invests in the country should be welcomed here” and that his political career “is a matter for the American people” and should be “left to one side.”

Cllr Breen said Trump could spend €10m on coastal protection along the Doonbeg sea, “so from that point of view he is very welcome” he added.

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