Dublin top for housing and health according to American survey!

Dublin has been voted the best city in Europe and the second best in the world for Americans to live, according to a survey.

Consultancy firm ECA international, looked at 450 places for “livability” and found the city which ironically was given the title Dirty Old Town along with Britain’s Salford in the classic song – came tops for climate.

Bizarrely the city scored highly for housing – when the capital has a housing crisis never seen to such an extent – and while we are also suffering an ailing health system, this seemed to be another reason why Americans wanted to move to Dublin.

The research was gathered for businesses sending their workers abroad – and social life, safety, and air quality were also considered attractive qualities, according to BreakingNews.ie

Dublin, has of course become a very familiar city for U.S big business with Google, Amazon, Microsoft and Yahoo, all making bases here.



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