Family of missing Derry man appeal for help in finding him

By Grainne McCool

The family of a 71-year-old man who has been missing for two weeks are appealing for the public’s help in finding him.

John Concannon, who suffers from hearing loss and dementia, was last seen boarding a bus on Lenamore Road in the city on Tuesday, November 10.

Mr Concannon is from the Derry region and had taken a bus on the day of his disappearance at around 5.40pm.

He is 5ft 6ins, medium build and with grey hair. He was last seen wearing a black and grey beanie hat, checked shirt, navy trousers and a black coat.

He also suffers anaemia.

similar clothes John is wearing
John Concannon was last seen in clothes similar to the ones in this photo

Foot searches have been organised over the past week by Foyle Sea and Rescue, the PSNI, Gardaí and local residents north and south of the border.

Farmers and all residents in the Donegal border area have been asked by Gardaí to check all outbuildings and surrounding areas in case Mr Concannon has taken shelter from the winter elements.

A trained dog search has been carried out and an underwater search team have checked waterways in the local area.

To date there have been no sightings since his disappearance.

It has been noted that Mr Concannon has his bus pass and some money on his person and it is now feared that he may have ventured further afield.

Mr Concannon will definitely be out of his comfort zone and be in need of medical attention.

People are asked to keep a close eye out and if spotted, please contact your nearest PSNI or garda station. The local garda stations in the area are Burnfoot Garda Station (ph. 074 9368194) and Muff Garda Station (ph. 074 9384002).


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