The fashion frontline for Irish girls

By Shanel Williams O’Reilly

I am a certified shopaholic and following on-going therapy, I can confirm I’m notorious among my family, friends and colleagues for impulse buying, coveting, hoarding but hey I’m at the Olympic level for indulging in all things fashion.

These life long issues have caused me to be sentenced to share my unwavering passion for fashion to all who will listen. So I would like to thank you in advance and say it will be a pleasure and officially introduce myself…


If the thought of introducing camouflage into your life let alone your wardrobe evokes a full body cringe or initiates a high-raised eyebrow/eye roll face, or contortion, as you suffer a flashback of that long forgotten unforgivable fashion faux pas, then I already have my work cut out.

With Spring/Summer seeing it steadily keeping it’s pace, Autumn/Winter will see it confidently up its game as the rage on the runways dictates it is firmly making a triumphant comeback.

Camouflage was prolific in 2013 – but the cycle of fashion is notably becoming much shorter, so if you previously managed to abstain from the ‘Camo’ trend, then maybe it’s time to give in and join the uniformed line.

The truth is it’s not what you wear but most definitely how you wear it and what you wear it with, and this time we see the potent print is being suggested in so many different hues and guises; it’s almost like a dis-army-ing seduction.

At the start of each season I generally tend to go through the same motions. I almost always like everything I see on the catwalk in one way or another (it’s a curse) but then I consider if the stand-out styles or colours will suit my pear-shape and skin tone.

I then identify how I can align the look within the context of my own style, how I would potentially integrate it into my existing wardrobe and finally, which compartment of my lifestyle will these fabulous outfits be best executed.

It’s that simple… NOT!… but I find it good a start to believe I can make such educated choices. Needless to say I highly commend those who successfully avoid questionable purchases, having to frequently un-tag yourself from Facebook pictures and asking your reflection that ageless defining question, ‘What was I thinking?’

So for those of you who are still on board and are now potential ‘Camo’ converts, my ‘Camo’ crusade has lead me to conclude that the smartest way to transcend the trend from workout to actual work, is through the art of accessories.

Featured are a few of my personal fave,s so far to inspire you to seamlessly make this trend your own and with chic military precision!

 When you need a constant reminder throughout the day that you are badass and mean business; Michael Kors Saffiano Iphone Case €62

MKors Camo Iphone Case



Sleek, sexy and stylish with a dash of attitude – this iPhone case says don’t mess with me, I’m just too cool for you!






When your day is full of missions and you feel you can accomplish anything; Valentino Studded Camouflage trainers €610

Camo trainers



Don’t they just make you want to go one, two, three, four…now I’m running out the door?




When you want to be casual chic with no effort; Wardrobe Wilderness Scarf €8

wardrobe wilderness scarf




I love this scarf – it’s such a contrast piece – feminine yet edgy.  A real stand out item.









When you still can’t bring yourself to wear the print but want to interpret the trend in your own way; Kurt Geiger Saff Gemini Pouch with Strap €149

Kurt gemini pouch




















Just hang tight and swing low with this one! This bag embodies elegance and style!


When you take the term ‘green fingered’ literally; Nails Inc Alex Camo €9




When you decide your ready to really work it! Pair with Black Poloneck Bodysuit, Black tights and a block heel Ankle







Boots; River Island Camouflage Jackquard Mini Skirt €49.95

mini skirt camoflauge





Perfect for a date or for just impressing your boyfriend or husband with a spot of sexy sass!







Kisses til next time xxx Shanel.

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