From Separation To True Love

Earlier on this year my husband and I sat down for a serious chat.

I said “I don’t think I can do this any more. I’m gonna move out.”

His reaction shocked me to the core.

First, there was silence.

Then there were words.

“I just want you to be happy” he said rather calmly.

It was definitely not what I expected to hear, or what I wanted to hear for that matter.

I was like “what?! Is he gonna let me go just like that?! Why won’t he fight for me?”

Had I heard the words “let’s work together and fix things”, things might have turned out very differently.

But, for better or worse, you can’t control someone else’s reactions. They’re reactions are theirs and are as real and valid as yours.

At the time, I admit his words angered me a bit.

But time has a beautiful way of untangling the truth…

And the truth is that if you really love someone, truly, madly, deeply, you want them to be happy, even if their happiness takes them away from you.

For this reason, I have and always will have a huge space in my heart for my ex-husband.

For this and for all the wonderful years we shared together, I wish him health, happiness, love and abundance; all the best life has to offer.

According to statistics and word of mouth, not many separations happen as amicably and lovingly as ours.

So I’m writing this for me, for us, and I guess also for anyone who may be going through a separation, divorce, or uncoupling of sorts.

When I finally moved out, I left with nothing but my clothes, my books, my memories and a heart full of love.

Everything else I left behind.

Whilst some people fight aggressively and endlessly over money or material possessions, I wasn’t going to do that.

Money and material possessions mean nothing to me.

Our love does.

Anna Aparicio 

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