Gareth Hutch shooting CCTV shocking but must spark state action

Some members of the public have been outraged that the CCTV footage showing the horrific and cold blooded murder of Gareth Hutch has been shown on news websites today – but at the very least the bloody video will spark a much-needed societal debate – and at the most – we can hope it will make the Government sit up and end this gang war.

Currently Dublin is witnessing the worst gang war it has ever seen.  To many people across the country, they may pick up a paper, switch on the TV news, or radio, and feel a tiny element of shock, that soon passes.

But for those living in the neighbourhoods where these killings are occurring, the emotions are far more extreme.

People in Dublin are more than shocked.  Mothers, fathers, and children, living in these neighbourhoods, are scared.

They are waiting…waiting on the next gang killing.  And they would not be wrong to predict another is seemingly inevitable.

This video is shocking.  It is chilling and it makes most right-minded people sit up and say NO – this is NOT okay.  To us at Ireland Today – Gareth Hutch was an unarmed man, a father, who was shot dead in the morning, in a busy city centre location in Dublin.

Avondale flats, Dublin, where Gareth Hutch was shot dead
Avondale flats, Dublin, where Gareth Hutch was shot dead

He had no way of defending himself.  The only mercy his family can hope for is that he didn’t know any pain.

But it has been reported that shortly before he was killed, Gareth Hutch was concerned he would be targeted.

Everyone knows there is a major and bloody conflict between the Kinahan-Hutch gangs – but according to reports the majority of the killings in Dublin, since September, have been carried out by the more powerful Kinahan gang.

Tragically – whatever their background, whoever they were, whatever crimes they committed, too many have died.  And most tragically of all, innocents have been caught up in this bloodshed.

On February 8 this year, Eddie Hutch Snr, an innocent, the older brother of Gerry ‘The Monk’ Hutch was shot dead in his own North Strand home in Dublin.  Eddie was a taxi driver.

Eddie Hutch sr
Eddie Hutch Sr, another innocent killed

Then on April 14, innocent father-of-three Martin O’Rourke, was shot dead at lunch-time on Sheriff Street Lower, outside a creche.  This was a case of mistaken identity.

Innocent father, Martin O'Rourke who was gunned down on Sheriff Street in daylight
Innocent father, Martin O’Rourke who was gunned down on Sheriff Street in daylight

Gareth Hutch, a nephew of Gerry Hutch, was reportedly shot up to six times yesterday before 10 am as he was getting in to a car.  

Whoever he was, Gareth Hutch was a father, a human being – and somewhere along the way, those responsible for these gang killings and the murder of innocents too, have lost site or simply do not care, they are destroying more than one life for vengeance.

How many children have been left without fathers? How many mothers without sons?  And what for?  For one side to feel bigger than the other?

The video of this man’s murder is truly shocking – but if it makes Enda Kenny get up and take action to finally end this war before more people are killed – if it puts that pressure on the man leading this country – if it gets us to all talk about this horror – then surely, it was worth showing this horror.


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