Has Jeremy got the best job in the world?

By Barry Lord @bazento

Meet the man with possibly the best day job in the world.

Jeremy Jauncey not only holidays for fun, but also for a living.

I'll call you back in a minute! Just checking the Indian Ocean out
I’ll call you back in a minute! Just checking the Indian Ocean out

The Scottish-born businessman is the founder of Beautiful Destinations, the world’s largest travel influencer on Instagram.

Some time ago, Jeremy hit on the novel idea of using photographic evidence of people’s exploits in a particular country to tell a visual story about that country.

He then created an Instagram account and invited travellers from all over the world to share their photographs and create their own unique tales through the medium of photography.

And as Jeremy explained, the site has proved very popular to date.  “We just thought we could take people’s photos and turn them into an Instagram story,” said Jeremy.

Jeremy chilling out in New York - sure why not!
Jeremy chilling out in New York – sure why not!

“We posted on a hashtag and awaited the response and it grew from there really.”

The company’s account was quickly awash with photographs from travellers keen to share their experiences on a public forum.

So what countries boast the most popular photographs on the site at the moment?

“Greece is very popular, “said Jeremy. “Santorini in particular, we have some stunning shots taken there. Japan too.”

Check out the site and you’ll see a range of spectacular images, everything from cherry blossoms in Tokyo to the mist on the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco.

But can the site take credit for boosting the tourist trade in a particular part of the world?

“It’s hard to say,” said Jeremy. “But really the aim of the site is to create positivity about the world, to engage with people and show them that there is real beauty out there to be found.”

Anyone with a professional camera set-up to a smart phone is encouraged to snap and share.

Is it James Bond? No, Jeremy holidaying again.
Is it James Bond? No, Jeremy holidaying again.

“We get photos from everyone,” said Jeremy. “Professional photographers from National Geographic and amateur enthusiasts.

A Jeremy favourite - Santori, Greece. Photo by @golden_heart
A Jeremy favourite – Santori, Greece. Photo by @golden_heart

“Ability is not important. We want photographs that are alive with colour and show a unique, personal perspective.

“Anyone can shoot the Eiffel tower, but all it takes is someone with a smart phone to see it from their own perspective and suddenly you have something very special.”

For a man who has travelled to over 50 countries, is there somewhere he would still like to visit?

“I love Brazil!” said Jeremy. “We have a big following there; some lovely people contribute pictures from that part of the world. I haven’t got there yet, but it’s on the bucket list.”

For our female readership, it is worth noting that Jeremy is single too, but is he currently seeking a travelling companion?

“I’ve still got the travelling bug, so I’m not really thinking about that at the moment,” said Jeremy.

“I’m very close to my family, very close to my mum and my brother, who is a great photographer and travels with me to a lot of places. I’m very interested in meeting people, getting to know them and sharing their stories.”

However, on the point of settling down, Jeremy will rule nothing out.
“Of course if the right person came along, I would have to seriously consider it,” smiled Jeremy.

Has this guy got the best job in the world? Jeremy was interviews on TV’s This morning today.


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