Hello yoga and healthy eating: Goodbye asthma and allergies!

By Gizane Aparicio @theperuviansage

I suffered asthma and allergies for 38 years – getting cortisone injections, taking inhalers – you name it, I tried it – but one day I got it under control without medicine.

In all the years I’d suffered asthma and allergies, nothing seemed to work, at least not long term.

Certain times of the year made my life impossible.  I had to attempt to sleep sitting down on my bed.  

I couldn’t work out without a few puffs of my inhaler, and don’t get me going with the hay fever issues.  Some days I could barely open my eyes with the pain.

If there was a cat in the neighbourhood, let me assure you, I knew of it before I saw it.

My whole body would start itching, my nose running, and my eyes would get bloodshot and teary.

However and I know this sounds mad, a respiratory condition I had majorly suffered from since the day I was born, is now gone.

Asthma can really mess with daily life.
Asthma can really mess with daily life.

‘What did you do?’ I was asked by my GP.  It’s hard to pin point exactly what did it.

But there are things I started doing about three years ago that changed everything.  And my instinct tells me it was a mixture of those three things.

One – I changed my nutritional habits.  

Two – I stopped eating meat, fish, eggs, dairy products and breads that contain gluten.

It didn’t happen overnight.  It was a gradual process that resulted in me losing a ton of excess weight, and feeling more vital and younger in every sense of the word.

Now, the majority of the foods I eat are raw and vegan.  I feel great.

Yoga can help relax and cut stress.
Yoga can help relax and cut stress.

I also started tackling certain emotional issues that had been unconsciously causing havoc on a physical and mental level.

This is also a process I’m still working on.  My spiritual studies, yoga and Reiki healing have helped immensely and impacted my life in incredibly positive ways.

Last summer, I visited my Reiki teacher for a personal healing.

As I sat in the sun waiting for her to call me in, one of her cats approached me.  Usually I would have instantly run a mile.

She gently jumped on me.  I thought “Oh, I’m dead. I’m gonna have an anaphylactic shock and end up in hospital.”

She didn’t care.  She curled up on my lap, pressed herself against me, closed her eyes and proceeded to nap.

I was amazed she did that, as animals, especially cats are so receptive to energy.  I thought she would have felt repelled by my allergic energy.  But no.

I felt like I was jumping off a plane with no parachute as I started to softly pet the cat.


A couple of hours later, we were both still there, alive and kicking.  I had made my first feline friend.

No tears, no runny nose, no hives, no nothing.  Just this feeling of peace and calm.  This beautiful animal had helped shift something major inside me.

The clean food, the yogic breath, the Reiki healings, the feline friend… I haven’t taken any asthma or allergy medication for over a year now, zero, zilch, nada, which for me – and for the GP, who keeps a medical history of my condition, is crazy.

Now, as an energy healer, I’m very aware that when people come to me with physical symptoms, there is often more to it than meets the eye.

Do you ever get unexplained aches and pains and wonder why the hell your bones are creaking before their time?

Well, the aches and pains might not necessarily be medical if new research is to be believed.

According to psychological studies, physical pain can be caused not only by physical injury, but also by emotional stress.

Research claims that unexplained chronic knee pain can arise as a result of an inflamed ego.

Lower back pain has also been linked to financial concerns.  Ironic because most people spend money on pain killer trying to rid themselves of an achy back.

Pain in the shoulders has been linked to a person who may be carrying a heavy emotional burden.


I would have been in the past, until I miraculously cured myself of chronic asthma and debilitating allergies I had been medicating a lifetime.


Gizane Aparicio

Energy Healer & Writer



Ireland Today does not encourage people to come off medication that they have been prescribed by a GP but if they want to follow some guidelines, such as Gizane’s towards relaxation and healthy eating, they are free to enjoy any possible benefits, though of course we cannot guarantee results!


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