Humans will go extinct but we are laughing

By Shane Brothwood

Either you are casually browsing through them during work or at home, or your friends are sharing them all over your wall.

Popular ones including Patrick Stewart face-palming and the obnoxious jerk Scumbag Steve.

And similarly the hashtag #reasonshumanswillgoextinct has gone mad on Twitter.

While this is clearly a witty way to kill time there are some lehgitimate reasons posed for the end of Mother Earth tweeted.

There is the over reliance of technology, the greed of capitalism and climate change.


We have the very tongue and cheek reasons for the potential end of the planet: Selfie addiction and cats taking over the world.

And the most popularly quoted reason for human extinction, Donald Trump.

While at one end it may seem as good a way as any for people to vent their frustrations at the imperfect world we live in, the hashtag is more hopeful than it seems.

It shows that people are aware of the problems we face today – and to see people joking about it all because in the end we can’t change the world but a bit of laughter won’t hurt.

It’s a fine example of social media content with a positive spin.

Trolling and cyber bullying have cast a negative shadow over
internet culture and it is refreshing to see a trend encouraging a deep discussion about the world, while allowing us to mess about.

Trends such as these highlight how quickly common ideas can suddenly become a global hit.

This writer in the interest of continuing the trend has taken part in the fun. And you should too.

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