I’m officially in a relationship …well it’s a dog’s life

By Jennifer Betts @jenniferbetts01

So, I am officially off the market. I am four months into my brand new relationship and we have finally meshed into each other’s lives perfectly.

Just when I thought that I would never love again. Cue long walks on the beach, movies on the sofa, endless cuddles and him constantly expressing his love for me by licking my face.

Sure, we still have our moments; I get mad, I say things in the heat of the moment that I don’t mean, he, sequentially, wees in my shoe, or tears at the sofa.

Ok so no, I don’t have a new, half baked boyfriend. The relationship in question is one with my Jack Russell Bichon cross, Buddy.

After months, which felt like years, of questioning what the hell have I done? Crying on the floor as he chewed my books, my cushions, went to the toilet in my bed and cocked his leg on my slippers while I was wearing them, I finally feel like we have reached common ground.

Aside from the humping, a problem which we will soon rectify, we have become good friends. But boy, the humping! Having had a bitch for seven years, who humped constantly also, watching her gyrate to I’m Just a Love Machine, in no way, scarred my brain in the way that my dog’s appetite for carnal pleasures does.

Jennifer meets Buddy
Jennifer when she met Buddy for the first time

Apart from his unsettling tenacity and speed, it’s hard to keep your eye on the TV when he’s at it with an inanimate object.

As for me, my underwear, well what I’ve been left with are full of holes. It’s hard to notice all the times he snatches them from my washing machine and my washing basket. I wouldn’t mind, they’re not even washing day granny pants, they’re Penneys best.

He still leaves a little trail of destruction now and again. The loose tiles in my bathroom, the stuffing from my pillows, plants from the garden and even left over toy soldiers from my nephew’s weekly visit.

But all in all, life between Buddy and I is good. I’ve been fitter than I have been for some time, with our daily trip to the beach. That warm welcome when I come home is just priceless and snuggling into me after a long hard day really puts it all into perspective.

I honestly thought that after losing my previous dog so harshly, that I wouldn’t have the patience, time or heart for a new four – legged friend, but life is full of surprises and I’m thankful that it is.

We’ve even got the toilet training down to a fine art. He’ll cry at the back door until I let him out, and then wait patiently for his treat for being a good boy.

He’s being a very good boy lately, I see a pattern forming. But for those who are still in the stages of post puppy blues, I promise you, it does get better. It takes time, effort and a little understanding, but it pays off in fold to see this little pet experience life for the first time and show you how much they want you to experience it with.

I honestly don’t know how I chose his name, but Buddy suits him perfectly, because he has become, my very best friend.

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