It’s our birthday! Ireland Today News is one today

Today is celebrating being a year old and we want to thank all our readers for staying loyal!

During the past year our writers have covered some amazing, exclusive stories and commentaries on Repeal the 8th, terrorism, homelessness and even racism.

We have written about disability, racism, sexism, mental health and religion and devoted our time to covering the local issues that matter – with some of our most loved stories being personal tales of a young woman going off to university for the first time or children coming out of their shell in acting and writing classes.

While we have second-to-none writers offering our readers mental health advice and commentary and the most bang on trend fashion advice with a slice of wit.  And if you want to check out anything hot in the capital, we have all the best reviews to keep you up-to-date.

Here some of our writers tell you why they write for you and what they get out of it.

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Grainne McCool parenting expert
Grainne McCool putting the cool in to Ireland Today News.


Here our longest writer to date, Grainne McCool, from Muff, Co Donegal tells us why she finds a passion in writing for the site.

“I’m delighted to be a part of the Ireland Today team, privileged to be part of such a hugely creative and talented group of folk from all over Ireland. Here’s to many more years being part of this squad.”

Grainne has written some incredible local stories from Donegal and truly gets to the heart of the community with heart-warming tales that light up the county.



Caitriona McMahon, from Limerick, has become a valued member of the team in recent months and she not only provides honest and educational accounts of mental health, but she has also provided guidance to our readers who are going through their own tough experiences, providing hope that there IS always a better tomorrow.

Caitriona said:  “Ireland Today News has given me an opportunity and platform to reach out to people far and wide. Its real and raw approach to covering actual human experiences is what attracted me to write for the site . Thank you for all you have given me.”

Caitriona McMahon, the bravest writer, who speaks about her own experiences of mental health issues
Caitriona McMahon, the bravest writer, who speaks about her own experiences of mental health issues




Barry Lord is our Meath writer and he’s been with us for quite a while now too.

He is one of the most dedicated and talented writers, covering all types of issues, from social affairs to news, features and reviews.

One of Barry’s most controversial stories featured a young Celtic football female fan being severely trolled on Twitter.

Barry said:  “It’s been a pleasure to write for a unique publication like this past year.

“I see it as an open forum for writers to express their opinions on whatever topic is dear to their heart, whatever issue they feel strongly about, and also what excites them about the Ireland they live in.

“In my case, I love finding out what is going on in Dublin in terms of the arts and entertainment, but also I like to know what, as a people, we are doing to help each other in terms of charitable causes, reaching out to people who may be experiencing hardship of different kinds and how we can connect better with each other.


Barry Lord, he's the thinking Meath man we adore
Barry Lord, he’s the thinking Meath man we adore

“What I hope we do is reflect what life in modern Ireland is really like, not as we imagine it to be.”


Laura Lynott is the editor and creator of and as a journalist of 14 years, she realised a long-running dream when she launched the site in November 2015.

“I wanted to give citizen journalists, trainee journalists and ordinary people from all types of backgrounds a chance to write news, features and opinion pieces on a popular website,” Laura said. editor, Laura Lynott editor, Laura Lynott

“I am extremely grateful to all the writers and contributors to the website, who work very hard week-in-week-out to create a truly individual and inspirational website unlike any other out there, giving a glimpse of the real Ireland and snapshots of the world we all inhabit.

“I have been amazed by some of the talented writers I’ve met who have all brought fresh ideas and inspiration to my dream. I thank them all from the bottom of my heart and all our loyal readers who keep supporting us every Tuesday.

“Keep supporting an indie news website and help us build by donating as you read! Just a euro each week could make a difference to us and help us keep growing.”

And our resident reviews writer, Brendan Callaghan brings sardonic wit and a wise take on all things musical and movies.

He's our man at a cinema or Dublin gig but shhhh he's really from Donegal
He’s our man at a cinema or Dublin gig but shhhh he’s really from Donegal

Brendan said:  “We all have opinions on the things we love but writing about a movie or a concert, really forces you to analyse your opinions and then explain and justify those opinions in a clear way.

“I like the challenge of writing something original; something that doesn’t rely too heavily on clichés (of course, I don’t always succeed at this).

“It’s sort of like transplanting a slice of your personality on to a blank page, and it’s strangely satisfying.”














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