Ladies GAA is growing by 50 per cent annually

By Kaitlyn Bernard 

It was the sport we traditionally associated with burly lads proving their mettle on the pitch – but women are making strides with  a 50 per cent increase year-on-year in women playing GAA.

175,000 women across Ireland are currently involved in Ladies GAA and this figure is expected to grow even more in the coming years as women take their place on the pitch.

The GAA said that “every age group, level, and ability,” of woman and girl are heading down to hundreds of local GAA pitches up and down the country to play our national game.

Ladies GAA is now recognised as one of the fastest female sports in Ireland and Lidl have recently provided the sport a boost with an ad campaign.

While a lengthy clip of women getting stuck in on the pitch is currently being broadcast by the Defence Forces in a bid to get women to join up.

Of course, traditionally the Forces as well as the GAA had been male dominated but it looks like both are targeting women in the realisation that women have just as much to offer as their male counterparts.




A GAA spokesman said that as well as Ladies GAA being a great way for all ages to keep fit, there is a massive social benefit to taking part in the sport.

“Everyone enjoys it and takes part there is a great camaraderie among the players.”

It seems that if you are thinking of a way to get fit and make friends, Ladies GAA could be the way to go and if you have any GAA or sporting stories, do get in touch with us.

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