Let’s do this, get mentally fit for 2018

By Caitriona McMahon  @Caitriona_Mac 

The new year has got well underway and my runners have been dusted off, the best of rice cakes have been demolished and power walks are in motion. 

As 2018 shouts ‘Let’s do this’ a medical check up was in order, as let’s face it no wants to keel over half way through the 1km walks. Morto!

A quick check of the blood pressure, lungs and heart rate, making sure I was in tip top shape for what lies ahead this year, was always a good idea.

I like to leave no stone unturned, as they say. Has anyone else done the same? My guess is yes. But I made sure to do one extra thing and I scheduled a mental health check up.

I always see an early new year appointment as necessary as the recommended litres of water we need to drink daily to remain hydrated.

You might say ‘But I don’t have any problems, so why would I waste my money on something I don’t need?’




















My reply is you don’t have to sprain your ankle, or be short of breath, to know a physical check up is necessary, so why should a mental health check up or therapy session be any different?

One of the most beneficial decisions I’ve ever made for my well-being was the decision to attend a counsellor.  Why? For me counselling is like a bowl filled with ice-cream, Ferraro Rocher smothered in a chocolate sauce – its quite simply the bee’s knees.

In fact it’s not until you have a space solely dedicated to you that you become aware of what you once were
missing.  A space for just you and you alone.  Let’s just imagine that for a second.

Without interruption, you receive a therapist’s undivided attention. Some weeks I’d talk the legs off a donkey and other weeks, I’d wonder what we would talk about, as nothing seems to be troubling me.

But it’s those sessions in particular that are beneficial.  Therapists are trained to guide us safely to realisations about ourselves and why we do what we do.

Turbulence at an emotional level, if left undealt with, can manifest itself as a physical problem.  It certainly did with me. Have you unexplained physical symptoms? Maybe it’s not a physical problem.

There is only so long we can keep shoving stuff under the carpet before it comes seeping out. Let 2018 be the year you see the whole you.  The mental, physical and emotional you. Let’s do this!

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