It’s like an episode of First Dates: Tonight Enda and Micheal will unite

By Red Hugh

So they are to have another meeting – and we just know Enda and Micheal are going to see each other again …this is no one night affair! Soon, they will be at it…politics…together.

Well, we predict that tonight’s love in will go without a hitch.  This will be like the perfect First Dates scenario and Enda and Micheal will be seeing each other again.

The two centre right parties will walk off arm in arm and join together to govern and without any need for any kind of threesome with independents.

This is pre-watershed viewing after all!

What will I wear tonight? I mean, Enda is lucky I am meeting him at all!

Last week might have seen the shortest meeting of political leaders in the history of the State – yes, that was the date where Enda Kenny and Micheal Martin met for about five minutes to talk about the formation of our next government.

That was merely flirtation.  Don’t for one second think the boys haven’t been eying each other up for some time.

Enda claims despite the brevity of the exchanges he still managed to make the ‘generous’ offer of full partnership government. His generosity was just as promptly rejected. And then they both ran to the plinth outside the Dail to spin their version of the meeting.

The question, however, remains: why did Micheal at first turn down partnership with Enda? After all Fianna Fail loves power, always has, both Charlie Haughey and Bertie Ahern doing some pretty despicable deals over the years to stay in government so why the difference this time?

The answer is actually very simple.

Micheal Martin will support a Fine Gael led minority government because from the opposition benches he can simultaneously not only control the government but also the opposition. It’s very cynical, and very clever.

For this power, he will stand by his FG man.

Micheal needs to stop playing hard to get lads. We have a country to fix!
Micheal needs to stop playing hard to get lads. We have a country to fix!

All legislation will have to be cleared in advance, and anything  Fianna Fail doesn’t like will be blocked. It’s a win-win situation. They can have all the power without any of the responsibility.  The leopard has not changed its spots.

But there is one other, far more significant reason for turning down power they are not acknowledging in any public way – the rise of Sinn Fein.

The prospect of Sinn Fein as the main opposition getting a free run into the 2021 General Election is the one thing that scares the bejaysus out of Fianna Fail as SF would definitely be capable of stealing their electoral clothes.

And they are more than capable of doing it too. There are still some deeply unpopular legacy issues from the last administration – such as Irish Water – to be sorted and Gerry Adams’ boys and girls are not likely to be found wanting when it comes to putting the boot in.

Meanwhile to digress a little, there are some pundits out there sprouting rubbish about how the Independents and the left wing parties – which have a combined numbers of about 40 seats – have run away from power.

This is demonstrably crap. Fine Gael has 50 seats, Fianna Fail 44 so they have the numbers and, what’s more, the same right wing economic ideology. Both backed the austerity measures demanded by the IMF and the ECB. And still do. What impact would a leftist party, totally opposed to austerity, have against this stacked deck?

So it’s either a minority Fine Gael led government,  or another election.

We are going to guess that after dinner, Micheal will walk home with Enda and ask that he be a gentleman and call him to begin courting, we mean leading.

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