Loving mum pays poetic tribute to her family who died in Buncrana tragedy

By Laura Lynott

This is the poignant poem mother Louise James read describing the devastation she is suffering – a loss no mother could contemplate – after losing her partner, mother, two sons and young sister.

The beautiful yet haunting words were written by a local poet and read at the funeral of her five family members in Derry today.

Louise dedicated each word to her partner Sean McGrotty, sons Mark 12 and Evan 8, mother Ruth Daniels and sister Jodie Lee, 14, from the altar of the Holy Family Church.

“Heart broken beyond repair,
the tragedy of a family gone,
leaving so many in despair.

They went to watch the sunset,
together on Buncrana Pier,
unbeknown to them all
an angel would be near.

Taken together as a family,
joined as one on heaven’s door,
a community left in mourning,
lives shatters ever more.

Their faces will forever map the sea,
Remembered by each and every one.
Down by the lake or shadows,
when you look beyond the sun.”

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