Make a plan to love yourself this Valentines’ Day

By Caitriona McMahon

I know many of you are thinking my God, here we are barely over Christmas and this one already thinking about Valentines’ Day.

Well the reason I want to mention it in time and prior to having any plans made, is that I have a mission for you all this year.

And should you choose to accept it then it promises to be a valentines with a difference.

Some in fact may call me strange for what I am about to reveal but to be honest I couldn’t care less.

I love nothing more than packing a picnic for one and heading off into the wilderness for myself for an hour or so.   I try to date myself as I would another person. By date I mean spend time by myself, get to know myself a bit better.

Away from the chaos and hussle and bussle, where a sense of calm emerges, I sit and as steam rises from my flask, stress levels start to fall.

I unwrap any cling film that embraces the ready to devour sandwiches and munch into a custard cream.  This is quite simply, heaven on earth.


You’ll never again have a custard cream like it. That’s assuming a seagull doesn’t swoop in for it.

As we all know Valentines can be lonely for anyone, especially anyone single, bereaved or separated but it can also be hectic for those in relationships.

We can so easily get caught up in the commercial gimmick that valentines is. The teddies, the advertising campaigns, and of course the getaway bargains.

In the lead up to the day itself everything around us is telling us love someone else or place your love out there but where do we ourselves come into the equation.

What day of the year is dedicated to loving oneself? So this valentines I challenge you to join me whether you are in or out of a relationship to make a date with yourself for even 30 minutes on February 14. You have weeks to prepare so how bad can it be?

What harm can it do? Go the whole hog.  Maybe you’re not into a picnic for one, perhaps you’re more into music and chilling, fishing, or art.

Whatever floats your boat I say let’s do this.

Mission overview:

On February 14, 2017 make a date with yourself


10 minutes to 24 hours it’s up to you


To recognise the need for time alone and self love.

After all they say before we can love another we need to first love ourselves.

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