Mary Boyle docu claiming “political” cover up into child “murder”

This shocking documentary shows the sister of Mary Boyle – Ireland’s youngest missing person – and a retired detective saying they believe there was a “political” cover up about the man responsible for the “murder” of the child.

Six-year-old Mary, vanished from her grandparents home in Cashelard, outside Ballyshannon, Co Donegal in 1977. The child was gone within minutes after her uncle Gerry had set eyes upon her.

No trace has ever been found of Mary and no one brought to justice for her disappearance.

Journalist Gemma O’Doherty, has filmed the disturbing claims which, if proved true, could rock the establishment.

Mary Boyle The Untold Story,’ shows Ann Doherty, Mary’s twin sister, telling how she was told the identity of the “killer,” and she feels there was a cover up to protect that person.

Mary’s cousin, Margo O’Donnell, sister of singer Daniel O’Donnell, said local people “all know what happened that wee girl.”

Retired Detective Inspector Aidan Murray claims in the documentary that he was questioning the suspect – but was stopped from progressing the case.

“I knew by his face he was about to start shouting. He was saying you’re blaming me, saying that I murdered the child…I said ‘did something happen?’

“I got a nudge from the inspector…that I needed to ease off the pressure I was putting him under.”

Retired Det Insp Murray
Retired Det Insp Murray

It is then claimed in the documentary that a “political” phone call was made to stop this man being questioned any further.

“I knew in my heart and soul I was speaking to the man that was responsible for the missing child,” Mr Murray said.

“When I knew the result of that phone call, certain people weren’t allowed to be interviewed, it was all hands off look somewhere else.

“He was never arrested for the crime of the murder of the child.”

Mr Murray looks like he is about to break down at one point during filming due to the apparent strain of having not solved the case.

Margo said:  “Someone close to Mary said they know what happened to Mary and they know who murdered her.”

This was echoed by Mary’s sister Ann, who said:  “Someone known to me and Mary told me they knew what had happened to Mary and they knew the identity of the killer.”

Mary vanished after lunch.  She had been playing with her twin, Ann, brother Patrick, and their cousins near her grandparents’ home.

Mary Boyle, was only 6, when she vanished.
Mary Boyle, was only 6, when she vanished.

Mary’s uncle Gerry was walking to a neighbour’s house when he realised Mary was following him. He told the child to return home and walked on to the neighbour’s.

Mary never made it back to the house and Mary’s family, including her mother, Ann, have led a lifetime of despair, hoping for justice.

Scottish paedophile Robert Black was named as a suspect after he was convicted of murdering three girls in 1996 – but the community do not believe he had anything to do with Mary’s disappearance.

Last year the Irish Independent reported that a senior garda had said the claims relating to “political interference” in the case, were being “taken seriously,” and that a fresh probe may take place.

Human rights lawyer Darragh Mackin said:  “There was a deliberate political intervention in the original investigation.  It came in the shape and form of a phone call to prevent the subsequent arrest and prosecution and possible admission of guilt by that individual – it’s simply unprecedented.

“The Mary Boyle case is a legacy, a part of history that has a current day meaning.”

Margo said she was “very annoyed” that almost 40 years later, Mary’s “bones” had still not been recovered.

“A lot of people out there know the truth and it’s time they spoke up.”




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