Why having no Enda and uncertainty is good

By Elizabeth Doherty

Enda Kenny resigned last night finally as a man leading a party the country had so clearly not given a mandate too.

Neither, Michael Martin, or Fianna Fail did the Irish people give you the okay to run the shop.

In fact what did occur during the General Election – perhaps in my humble opinion – the most interesting and exciting election in Ireland to date, was the Irish people standing up and saying en masse We aren’t happy with what we have.

But because there was no obvious alternative – and no Sinn Fein wasn’t it for a large number of people who still feel they have a LOT of questions to answer about a deep, dark history that permeates in to today.

While the Left and independents would really need to have created a large party to offer any type of realistic option for many.

As it was, Enda Kenny, when backed in to a corner – finally did the right thing for once in his political career and stepped down.

Things might seem a little scary right now but believe me, they aren’t.

When change is forced in the rigid equilibrium that is politics, actual, real, good things could happen.

freedom 2

As the Dail descended in to chaos with embarrassing shows of Micheal Martin putting his name forward for election as taoiseach, followed by Gerry Adams – surely an even less popular choice publicly – it seemed that finally maybe they were feeling a slight pinch of the chaos we the Irish people had been feeling under the establishment’s reign.

After all Enda, Micheal and the rest of you men in suits in capitalist pursuits – since austerity was borne, the Irish have suffered.


The political system has been a mockery for years and those that stood over it merely propped up the interests of big business and the wealthy.

There was no society, there was no equality for all.  We were the generation driven to work hard, harder than we ever had, for longer than we ever had, for less money, to pay huge rents, to dream of owning a home but seeing the possibility slip from our hands.

While those who gave all they had and work ridiculous hours just to keep afloat, see they are struggling to keep their homes while many have lost them.

We watched as our incomes fell and fell as we saw the cost of living rise and we paid more and more on taxation and grew angrier as they even started to charge us for our drinking water – a water that frankly isn’t fit to drink.

See Erin Brockovich here https://www.facebook.com/ErinBrockovichOfficial/posts/10156522893315494


Meanwhile don’t forget this:  There have never been so many homeless people in this country and for the first time, these people aren’t just ‘them,’ they are ‘us.’

More families became homeless in Dublin in January than in any previous month on record, the latest figures show.

134 families, including 269 children, presented to homelessness services in January.Of these, 125 families, including 253 children, had never been homeless before.

That means Enda and Micheal and hey Gerry, because your party has presided over cuts to the poor in the North – that the Irish people are sick of you.


Meanwhile the leaders for the elite have supported big business and failed the people who voted them in.

Now that you feel that little pinch of chaos, think of the many, many Irish people who feel it every single day.

Perhaps if you come together to form an actual alternative government and one for the people, for the betterment of society and not obsessed with money, you might see the people coming back to you.



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