We salute you puppies of the world!

By Shane Brothwood

We know it’s almost over but we just wanted to pay tribute to National Puppy Day because hey it’s a Wednesday night and we needed some cutesome puppy photos and videos to brighten up our night.

So National Puppy Day was set up by pet lifestyle expert Coleen Page and the event  is now in its 10th year.

Puppy power has been huge today – with dog fans taking to social media, to post tweets, photos, and status about their beloved furry friends.  

Celebrities have also joined in the fun.  Lady Gaga,  La Toya Jackson and Ryan Seacrest are amongst celebs who have posted pics of their puppies online.

The event has two main goals:  To promote the unconditional bond between owner and puppy (and show off their unquestionable cuteness.  And to promote animal welfare.


Like most days outside the normal holiday calendar it is difficult to know exactly what just another National something day is all about but fortunately, Twitter has played a huge role in promoting the  event with the hashtag #National Puppy Day.


Most of the reasoning behind the event is to encourage the adoption of unwanted puppies in animal shelters. It’s also to educate people on the behind the scenes world of puppy mills.  

Puppy Mills are where dogs are bred for commercial purposes.  As a result they often ignore the rights of the puppies, placing them in small cages without sufficient veterinary care, food, or  water.

But the event is also about us all appreciating the beauty of the human and canine relation, as we of course go one…two…three awwwww – looking at the cuteness of the puppies.

As human beings we should always try to respect our canine friends because when we need them, we take comfort in puppies.  


They can help reduce stress and anxiety and provide a real companion for many.

In some colleges and universities, there are Puppy Rooms,  where students  can pet dogs.  The idea is to give stressed students faced with many assignments and exams an opportunity to do something playful and calming.

Days like National Puppy Day are part of a larger campaign in the prevention of cruelty against animals, but ultimately days like this need greater exposure in order to hit a global audience.

Links to National Puppy Day website and DSCPA: http://www.nationalpuppyday.com/


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