Saoirse explains the Irish lock in to Jimmy Fallon

The Irish darling of Hollywood right now Saoirse Ronan has appeared on Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon in the U.S explaining what an Irish lock in means to the amusement of an American audience.

Ronan, 21, Oscar nominated for her role in the smash hit, Brooklyn, a movie telling the story of a fictional Irish immigrant, Ellis Lacy – displayed all the charm of the Irish in the Fallon interview.

Fallon explained how he visited Kinsale, Co Cork with his sister and was to his surprise invited in to a pub for a lock-in after the bar had closed and how he thought it “only happened in movies.”

“The whole town comes into the pub and they lock the door,” Fallon said.

The actress, from Wexford, but born in the Bronx, told Fallon:  The whole idea of a lock in is you get to drink in the pub (after hours) and the guards, who are the police, would usually be in the lock in.  I’ve grown up with that really.

Ronan also told how an American game night had left her “emotionally drained,” when a friend put on an evening’s entertainment for her in the States involving different games to play.

And reverting back to all things Irish, the actress showed her thoughts are never too far from home, when she told the chat show host about sing-songs that typically occur at Irish family events.

“You could be at a wedding, christening or a funeral and it will end in song. It’s more so the older generation will be talking to you and they’ll start to sing and then everyone will stop and just listen to the older person.”

Ronan also treated the audience to a brief song as she sang “And then they’ll start to sing,” as she spoke to explain how songs literally transpire from just a chat in lovely old Eire.

The actress came across as very relaxed and full of the banter on the top U.S show.


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