Sheriff Street male victim dead after shooter on bike fires outside creche

A young man was shot dead up to ten times at lunchtime in Sheriff Street, Dublin today, outside a creche by a gunman on a bicycle.

The male youth was shot at a junction of Sheriff Street and Oriel Street at 12.30pm just outside a creche minutes before the children were to be let out to play.

The man is believed to be aged around 19 or 20 – but eyewitnesses said when he was lying on the ground he looked around 14 or 16-years-old.  It is believed he was killed in a case of mistaken identity

A source told Ireland Today it is believed the shooting was connected to the Regency Hotel gangland killing when David Byrne was shot dead in February.

People in the area didn’t seem to know who the victim was so it is believed he may be from another area.

The gunman was reported to have cycled up to a group of people and sprayed up to 10 bullets, hitting the young man.

A woman who said she saw who shot a young man in Sheriff Street, Dublin today called the Niall Boylan 4fm radio show in the capital.

The woman phoned the radio show and she has been directed to talk to gardai.  She was in a state of shock as she spoke to radio show staff.

Store Street Gardai in Dublin are investigating after the fatal shooting.

The injured male was taken to hospital in an ambulance.

Local representative Malachy Steenson told 4fm that not enough was being done to fight crime in the capital.

Mr Steenson, a solicitor, said his granddaughter was in the same creche in recent years when another shooting took place.

Mr Steenson added:  “Within 10 minutes the kids would’ve been outside and brought somewhere for lunchtime.

“This kind of incident traumatises kids. The helicopter is up now and we will have armed checkpoints tonight.
“We have been at this point so many times and so many people died.  Anthony Campbell was a young fella who happened to be there doing his job and he was killed too but when Veronica Guerin is shot the country stops.
“We flew a half mast for Paris and Brussels but we won’t be doing it for Sheriff Street tomorrow.”

It is believed that an associate of Gary ‘The Monk’ Hutch would normally have been stood in the spot where the young man who was shot at, was standing when he was fired upon.




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