The fashion frontline. Dazzle in sequins

By Shanel Williams-O’Reilly

A trend usually reserved for December’s formal festivities and high profile parties; you are forgiven for thinking that this early introduction of sultry sequins in somewhat premature…but think again, as they are definitely this season’s thing!

Although, featured in abundance across many designer catwalks, this post was ultimately inspired by last weekends Electric Picnic, where sequins were surprisingly a firm favourite among festival goers.

Stripped of its ‘Sunday best’ classification, the sequins theme was redefined not only by the environment we were in but also by the wearer as it was casually worn with both purpose and actual functionality.

From sequins bum bags, to bomber jackets, backpacks and leggings, hats and headbands to jumpers and dresses, these once considered statement pieces were worn with such nonchalance that they were pleasantly understated, conspicuous and therefore, even more appealing.

An eternal magpie myself and a hoarder of all things shiny, sequins have always been a source of nostalgia and reminds me of being a child and watching my mum getting ready for a night out.

I also felt that wearing sequins should have come with the warning ‘may cause you to evoke the power and decadence of Dynasty’s Alexis Carrington,’ as that is the sort of high impact glamour I would have previously associated with the look.

However, this season comes with a fresh translation on the trend, where sequins can now be applied as a form of mood enhancer; injecting a small bit of glamour into any conventional ensemble.

An easy implementation into your workday wardrobe through a distinguished cardigan, a flick of a necktie, a simple adornment or featured trim.

My only recommendation would be to wear a balance of mixed textures to maintain a low key look, and if you are like me and were born with glitter in your veins then focus on a key part of your look, such as a skirt or a coat.

With no colour restrictions on the runways when it comes to channelling your newfound luminosity, whether you find yourself evoking your rock star spirit, rebel or awakening the innocence of your girly charm, remember its not just about elevating the ordinary but super important to leave a little bit of your sparkle wherever you go.

Sparkle and shine in sequined mini dress.Sequins_Skirt_White1_1024x1024

Or…mix it up – Marni Autumn/Winter may be above your price tag – but use as inspiration…

Marni autumn winter sequin








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