‘This Morning’ will never be the same following the loss of Denise Robertson

By Shane Brothwood (@ShaneBrothwood)

It’s been a week of sorrow in the celeb world.  On Thursday we lost the last half of the Two Ronnies, Ronnie Corbett, at the age of 85.  

On Friday, after a  short battle with pancreatic cancer, This Morning presenter  Denise Robertson has passed away, age 83.

She  became the agony aunt on the show in 1988. For 28 years she helped countless people overcome their personal struggles.

She was a woman of compassion of kindness, and she went above and beyond to help people behind the scenes.

In 2011, she received an email from a woman named Jane, who was struggling with her marriage and enduring the death of a loved one.  As was in her nature, Robertson replied, and offered Jane advice.  

Four years later Jane rang up the show to thank Robertson personally. She told her that if it wasn’t for her advice she would have killed herself.  She stated that Robertson was like a “guiding light” in helping her overcome her struggles.

The moment was emotional and the tough Robertson was in tears, showing the genuine good-will she held for ordinary people.  “It worked out for Jane, it can work out for you”, she said, after the call ended.

It was a very important suicide prevention message.  What it displayed was that no matter the circumstances, life is valuable, and with help, anyone can turn their world around.

The way she treated other people made her immensely popular.

So there was no surprise when tributes came flooding  in from Twitter.

People remembered her for the time and patience she took to offer her help to those who needed it.

But perhaps the most heart-warming tributes were from her co-presenters on today’s episode of This Morning.

Eamon Holmes on sick leave came in to give moral support his wife and fellow presenter, Ruth Langsford.

The show opened with Holmes announcing her death. “I wanted to come in today, because obviously I’m off on sick leave at the time, but I have brought my crutch. We have to tell you today that our beloved Denise Robertson has lost her battle with cancer.”

Langsford  said, “It’s a very difficult day for us”.

Holly Willoughby and Philip Scolfield both on holidays, paid their respects over the phone.

A tearful Willoughby said, “She was a real fighter for everybody there was nothing she wouldn’t do – it’s just so sad, so so sad”.

While Scofield confessed, “I know when I started work at This Morning she was the person I wanted approval of the most”.

Later in Robertson’s  career she made regular appearances on Channel 5’s Big Brother’s Bit on the Side and  set up her own  advice website, Dear Denise.com.

But of course she will be forever remembered as This Morning’s resident agony aunt.


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