Three little known secrets to achieving your goals this year

Most of us will be setting – or already ditching – New Year’s Resolutions at this time of year. Here are three tips to achieving your goals in 2016.

1. Accept what is

So you don’t have your dream job, man, or house yet, but you’re hardly gonna be a miserable git until you get them, are you? In fact, being miserable is preventing you from attracting the things you want! Instead, accept that this is where you are right now, this is what you have to do right now. So, do it willingly and to the best of your ability. Give your full attention to whatever you have to do. Focus on the task at hand with 100% of your senses, your being, and your effort. And know that when you exude presence and peace like this, your energetic vibration changes. Attracting what you want is much easier and quicker when you accept what is.

2. Enjoy what you do

I’ve watched mum hand wash the dishes three times a day (after breakfast, lunch and dinner), day in and day out, amounting to thousands upon thousands of what to me seems like the most boring, tedious, time waster of a task. Still, she refuses to get a dishwasher. “Do you enjoy washing dishes?” I asked once. “I enjoy whatever I have to do” she replied. You don’t have to wait for something more “important” or “desirable” to come into your life before you can finally enjoy what you do and be happy. Avoid unnecessary frustration, disappointment and negativity by infusing joy into everything you do, whether it’s washing the dishes, making a sales call, or write a report.

Washing dishes
Even washing dishes can bring enjoyment

3 Be more enthusiastic

Accept what the present moment requires you to do, enjoy what you (have to) do, and add a goal or objective to the mix. Now you’ve in your hands a cocktail packed with incredible energetic creational vibes and the potential for amazingness. The key is to stay present, focused, and enthusiastic about where you are now and what you’re doing now, as opposed to getting caught up in the future, as this often results in unnecessary stress and frustration.

Echkart Tolle
Echkart Tolle recommends not setting goals that are ego powered, inflated images of ourselves

Spiritual teacher Eckhart Tolle was “on the money” when he advised we don’t set goals that are ego powered inflated images of ourselves, as there’s a big chance of disappointment. So, for example, instead of wanting to be a bestselling author, aim to share learnings that will benefit not just you but everyone and everything on the planet. Instead of wanting to make millions with your product or service, focus on how many others it will serve and bless. Instead of wanting to achieve the hottest body around for the purpose of boosting your own ego or having everyone envy you, aim to share your newly found healthy approach with as many people as possible.

When your goals are for the welfare and betterment of all, as opposed to just your own gain, it’s easier to be more acceptant of the present moment, to enjoy the present moment more, to be more possessed by God (enthusiastic).

When you set goals like this, you’re not attached to the outcome of your actions. Whether you succeed or fail is irrelevant, because this is not about success or failure, this is about happiness.

Gizane Aparicio

Spiritual Healer & Writer

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