Why I Wanna Be A Willow Tree

Anna Aparicio is a wisdom spreader and NLP practitioner.
Anna (or Gizane) Aparicio, is a wisdom spreader and NLP practitioner.

By Anna Aparicio

“Control is an illusion,” she says matter of factly.

“When you try to control things, you often get the opposite of what you want.”

According to my spiritual teacher, it’s this need we have to be in control of everything in our lives that creates anxiety and depression.

Control, she adds, stems from fear.  I can sense where today’s lesson is going…

I get it. Fear is a big no-no, because it stems from a lack mentality, where you think there is not enough for everyone, therefore you must have this or that now.

“Earth has always been plentiful; there’s plenty of food for everyone, plenty of jobs, plenty of men,” she adds.

“Plenty of assholes who like to keep all the plenty for themselves,” I reply.

She doesn’t find my contribution funny. Ouch!

Anxiety, fear, anger, desire… these feelings are said to emit a very low energetic vibration. And according to the law of attraction – and my teacher – what you vibrate you attract.

Crap. If that’s true, it certainly explains a lot.

“You want to increase your energetic vibration,” she says.

“Yeah, but how?” I ask.

“Be like the branches of a billowing willow tree,” she says.

“Stop trying to control everything.  Instead, be soft and pliant.  Allow yourself to sway and swing in the direction the wind blows.”

Her way of living is to surrender to the moment, to go with the flow and accept what is.

Because according to the spiritual law of resistance, the more you push against something, the more it resists.

The law of resistance is triggered by victim consciousness.

We all feel things are getting on top of us at times.
We all feel things are getting on top of us at times.

A victim is someone who blames others for their fate, believes the world owes them, and generally feels sorry for themselves.

And by this very thinking they’re resisting abundance.

People who adopt a victim mentality often feel angry with people and the world.  And when we feel angry, we resist the joy of life.

Incidentally, according to my spiritual sensei, joy is one of the highest vibrational frequencies.

When you vibrate joy, you attract abundance into every area of your life.

Joy is a cute little word, but I can’t remember the last time I felt joy. I mean, I often feel happy and grateful, but joyful?! That’s a whole new ball game.

I’m gonna have to step it up big time.

F**** anxiety, fear, anger and the rest of the low life vibes.

I want to be a willow tree.  A joyful, swirly, go-with-the-wind willow tree.


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